Pisgah Industries
Welcome to Pisgah Industries

We Pisgah Industries are manufacturers & exporters of gloves, garments, belts and sportswear. In these areas of expertise, we value quality, creativity, speed and commitment. In gloves, we manufacture baseball gloves, boxing gloves, crosscountry gloves, cycle gloves, golf gloves, horseriding gloves, motorbike gloves, motorcross gloves, ski gloves, weightlifting gloves, winter gloves and working gloves. Similarly, in belts, we manufacture kidney belts, weightlifting belts, power and chest belts. In garments, we manufacture, waist coats and motorbike leather suits i.e. jackets & pants. SportsWear is a vast field, which includes boxing shorts,cycle shorts, vests, boxing trousers, jogging & track suits, karate suits, sport shirts, t-shirts, caps, head & knee guards and boxing boots. We take on challenge to make diversity & difference  and pride ourselves on seeing our customer satisfied with us. We have made great progress throughout the year and are looking forward to continuing the momentum.